George Curtin formed the company in 1996. It started small, as a handyman and electrical service company. Through the years the company has grown to service over 16,000 customers. Being a service-based business, we have learned a lot through the years correcting other contractor’s issues. This has given us a unique prospective on how our projects will be constructed to avoid these issues. We have seen how builders construct the foundation of their projects and they, in most cases, don’t last. The name of the game for them is “cost effective” and “only needs to last a year”. Our philosophy is, while the final product needs to look great it also has to be built to last. We will always provide you both and do it within your budget. We will never compromise quality, nor will we use the incorrect materials just to sell the job and move on. Due your due diligence and make sure you get apples for apples, you deserve it. We work to ensure you have a pleasant experience and will feel good about referring us to all your friends. We stand behind all our work and will be there for you many years down the road for your next projects. Our BBB record proves it!

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